The First Step

Panic grips my fingers. My mind whirls as I try to type this first blogpost.

FEAR. This word flashes across my mind.

The fear of writing something wrong. The fear of what people that I know will think of me. The fear of being wrong and leading others astray.

And I thought blogging was supposed to be EASY…?!?

Well, here it goes. I guess fear is the first thing I need to work on overcoming, and that will happen as I choose to start writing. Probably what I am afraid of the most is: writing something that I am not willing to live out—in other words: being a hypocrite.

I am tired of living in two worlds, tired of always trying to escape reality and tired of pretending that “I am not daydreaming.” I want to be able to give ALL of myself to a task—to enjoy each sunset, relish quiet moments with friends, and sweat over algebra. 🙂

It’s time for me to be honest with myself, God, and the world—for the truth will set me free.

Join me—a daydreamer addict– in learning to overcome.



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