About this blog

Shalom! My name is Elisa and I am an online college graduate who loves God, my family and any kind of stories–in that order. But chocolate is not too far behind. šŸ™‚ Born and raised inĀ one beautiful state, I enjoy playing violin, piano & harp, and spending time with family and friends. Right now, I am studying Hebrew in hope that one day I can live in Israel. It is my desire to help young people overcome excessive daydreaming, to get excited about God, and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

So why have a blog on overcoming?

There is more to life than just this moment. There is a need for us young people to learn to overcome the pressures, pain, and problems,Ā and meet them head on, not to escape or run away from them.

As a young adult, just out of college, there are a lots of things in my life that I need to overcome but one ofĀ the biggest problems for meĀ is too much daydreaming. (Officially it isĀ called: maladaptive daydreaming.)

Join me as I meet and processĀ life thru blogging, and let’sĀ learn to embrace life, not escape it.

Gearing up for the adventure,